As a TUTS alumna or alumnus, you may have appeared on the stage, played in the orchestra, worked backstage or volunteered for ‘front-of-house’. You’ve dodged raccoons, tolerated the mosquitos, signed your name on a dressing room wall, sung and danced in the rain (literally), wiped down chairs, answered the phone, poured coffee, sold tickets, handed out programmes, played large-scale Tetris with set pieces, pulled a curtain or pushed a broom. You’ve designed, choreographed, built, programmed, directed, stage managed, administered.
You’ve been a teacher or a student, or both at different times. Perhaps you got your start in show business here; this is where the theatre grabbed you and didn’t let go, where you first thought this is what I’m supposed to do with my life. Or maybe your time at TUTS was something you did “just for fun”…but you know that in fact, there was no “just” about it; the things you learned and the people you met will stay with you throughout your life.
Regardless, one thing is certain: you’re part of the TUTS family, and part of a long and colourful history that goes back more than half a century. The TUTS Alumni is, in part, about celebrating that past: reuniting with old friends at our annual Alumni Night (2023 Alumni Night: Sunday July 23rd), reliving fond memories, enjoying the wonderful community that we have all built together through these past many summers at Malkin Bowl. It’s also about the present – the fantastic shows that you see on the TUTS stage now. But perhaps most importantly, it’s about the future. It’s about making sure that TUTS can continue to be the one-of-a-kind community, training ground, hub of talent and source of great summer entertainment that it has been since 1969 (or even since 1934!). 
We hope that all alumni will be inspired to renew their connections to TUTS and look for ways to support the company going forward. There are any number of ways to do that: you can add your contact information to our database, buy a season subscription, volunteer some time to a committee, and/or support upcoming events in our off-season.

More importantly, as you probably know, TUTS exists because of the support of our members.  We invite you to renew your membership right now by sending in a membership form (download it below) or donating directly through  A donation of as little as $25 gets you a tax receipt and other benefits.
Finally, we would also just love to hear from you: whether it’s stories about your experiences with TUTS in the past, feedback on the current season, or ideas for the future. Please feel free to e-mail us anytime via

Thank you!
Jane Wace
Alumni Committee Chair